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MoneyFish 11-25-2011 10:03 PM

Still having babies??
My female platy was giving birth to fry on Tuesday morning. I only saw a few born which she or the tank mates instantly ate. I figured that was that and didn't think much more about it (even though I was still quite sad she ate all the babies!).

Anyways, tonight I come in to see my dwarf gourami chasing something and look to see it is a fry! He ate it (darn it!) and I was thinking it may have been a fry that survived in hiding from Tuesday, but then I saw another fry pop out of the momma platy!! :-? How long do they give birth for?? Does it usually go on and off for a few days? Should I be concerned? I only saw the two (the second fry got away, but I'm sure someone in the tank will find it soon enough). Was just quite surprised to still see her giving birth 3 days later! I knew she still looked quite plump.

mileshs95 12-03-2011 10:38 PM

livebearers can give birth to fish over a few days, it doesn't always happen all at once. No need to be alarmed!

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