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kangy 11-25-2011 11:31 AM

Lump on Emerald Green Cory
My Emerald Green Cory has had this lump for a while (4 months), He had it when I got him but it has very slowly gotten bigger (probably at about the same rate he has grown). Other than this he seems to be in perfect health, has a good appetite, and full of energy. It doesn't seem to bother him and it's isolated to just him. I have searched through the forums and other fish illness sites via google but have been unable to identify it. It seems as though it may be a tumor of some sort. Is this curable and/or contagious? Sorry for the pictures, he's a mover so it was hard to get him to sit still lol.

It's located just below is upper fin towards the front looks like a pimple.

CL1992 11-29-2011 07:12 AM

I have the same thing on one of my Corys except he has two of these pimples. As in yours, there is no other signs of a problem. Anyone ever see this before?

kangy 12-03-2011 06:33 PM

Lump hasn't gotten any better nor any worse. Doesn't anyone have any idea on this, something, please toss me a bone here.

christina21maria 12-05-2011 02:36 AM

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CL1992 12-05-2011 06:48 AM

Someone's got to have a better answer than Miami Fishing tours?!?!

kangy 12-05-2011 10:48 AM

CL1992, I've been scouring the web and so far from what I've gathered it's either a wart/cyst, tumor, viral, or parasite. I know that doesn't narrow down our options much but I'm leaning towards the wart/cyst. He is the only fish that has it, has had it for a while now and it hasn't spread to the other fish, so I believe that lowers the odds of a parasite or viral.

Overall though I have looked at TONS of fish disease pictures, descriptions, treatments, etc. And havn't been able to say "that's it!" Either way I don't think there is a treatment option other than to let it run it's course. Since (at least in my case) the fish is otherwise perfectly healthy, active, and showing no other signs of illness I'm going to just let him be and keep my eye on it.

CL1992 12-05-2011 07:56 PM

I have also looked all over for an answer with no luck. My cory has three of these warts or cysts but like yours has no other symptoms. I guess we'll see if anythin changes...

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