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Aquaripure 10-06-2007 08:47 AM

Aquaripure Comment
This is a comment from an actual Aquaripure customer on another forum.

"as for reducing water changes due to nitrates.[aquaripure deniterators] will do the job. all you need to do is water changes to replenish the nutrients in the water and vac the gravel.
i have them on all my tanks and if you git the right size they will work.
all the denitrator needs is fed once a week with vodka or sugar water.
i use vodka it is easier to deal with just take your syringe and shoot it up.
the expense of these are 129$ to 400$ dollars. the one i have on my 240g cost 189$.
240g 3 O,s 7 silver dollars and a pleco and a pair of brisslenose cats
55g 5 elephant noses 5 bala sharkes and pleco
55g comunity 5 blackskirt tetras 5 red eye tetras
5 zebra danos 5 white cloud 2 apple snailes and pleco."

MegK 10-06-2007 10:27 AM

i do gravel vacs and water changes already and i dont have that thing... so i dont see how it makes that much of a difference

Aquaripure 10-06-2007 10:42 AM

I did not make this comment nor did a user of this forum. If you wish to ask me a specific question then please do so in a new topic.

If you do not understand how not having nitrates will help your aquarium and fish and how it will help you reduce water changes then I can only recommend you read up on the nitrogen cycle and visit

If you are happy doing frequent water changes then that's fine. I suppose there are people who do not want automobiles, computers, microwaves, or dishwashers either ... you don't have to have them to live but they are all great inventions as well as a convenience and they are timesavers. Some people embrace new and improved technology and others resist it or are just slower to accept it. That's the way it has always been I suppose.

Nitrates may not necessarily instantly kill all your fish like ammonia but it is very bad. The EPA limits for humans is 10 ppm. It has several known long term adverse effects to humans as well as very severe short term effects in infants and pregnant women. It also is known to cause low birth rates in fish and I am sure there are also long term adverse effects in fish also. Some aquarium animals may be more sensitive to nitrates than others but they are all likely to have some adverse effects even though this is not well studied. It can also cause uncontrolled algae growth and it is the single largest water pollutant in the world. At the mouth of the Mississippi river there is a 5000-7000 square mile dead zone where no fish can live and this is caused solely by nitrate pollution.

I am not scaremongering but simply stating facts, if you don't believe me then look it up for yourself.

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