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kangy 11-22-2011 09:29 AM

Transition pre-soaked drifwood with Anubias to tank
I purchased a piece of small driftwood with Anubias on it from my LFS. I was kind of excited and rushed the process of putting it in the tank. I was worried about hurting the plant with my chlorinated tap water so I did a light rinse and scrubbed the wood lightly with an old tooth brush. Let it soak in some treated water for 15 minutes then put it in the tank. Is this bad? I didn't see any snails in the tank and they claimed "snail free". In hindsight thought the wood could of possibly been carrying parasites or other unwanted items from the LFS. I never add the LFS water from the bag (scoop out the fishies). After putting it in I started to get worried about what the wood could be harboring. What is my risk in doing it that way? Nothing can be done now I guess, so for future reference when I buy pre-soaked wood from the LFS (with or without attached plants) what is the prefered transition process?

kangy 11-22-2011 09:40 AM

DKRST 11-22-2011 10:23 AM

While it's not always convenient, I'd strongly, strongly, recommend you designate a tank as a quarantine tank! I spent a lot of money, time, meds and fish lives by not using a QT tank. If you have the room (and patience :-)), I'd leave any new additions in QT for at least a month. that includes fish, plants, and driftwood. I may be paranoid, but it's based on a baaaad experience last spring that ultimately cost me about a dozen angels and 1/2 dozen guppies, danios, get the picture!

I keep a 10g QT tank running and use it for plant trimmings. You'll eventually have to do something with excess plant material, and I hate to discard anything, so it's a tiny planted tank! That's the great thing about live plants, you can grow more for yourself and they end up less expensive than plastic plants.

What do I do with new driftwood? I stick it into a steam sterilizer at work, but everyone does not have that option. I do use a bleach dip on plants, but it won't always kill snail eggs and sopme plants are more tender than others. I don't know that I'd bleach wood, since the bleach may be tough to get out of the wood. Just use plenty of chlorine remover!

Byron 11-22-2011 02:55 PM

I agree with DKRST but at this stage I would leave the wood. Also, you obviously can't steam or boil wood if plants are attached to it, but I suspect we all know that.:-)

I still can't get over people's fear of getting snails. By some standards, my tanks are probably overrun with them. I'm happy to see them. They are performing a very important task that otherwise would not get done.:greenyay:

kangy 11-22-2011 03:07 PM

I'm not as concerned about the snails as I am parasites. On a positive note though I just took an extended lunch break and bought a beautiful piece of Malaysian Driftwood. Gonna boil tonight and soak for a couple days, also got a dozen new plants, oh ya! Hope they stay good in the bag for another couple hours till I can get home. My impulse control sucks

DKRST 11-22-2011 05:36 PM


Originally Posted by kangy (Post 900081)
My impulse control sucks

And that's how:

"but I stocked my old quarantine tank and now I need another new tank for a quarantine tank fill in name of significant other here. I promise that will be the last one!"

develops into a severe case of tankitis.
Beware of tankitis, there is currently no known cure except, of course, to treat the disease by purchasing more tanks! :lol:

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