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DavyJones 11-20-2011 06:22 PM

Crystal Red Shrimp Breeding
Tank is about 3 months old and i would consider it to stable (water parameters and such). I've had 3 crystal red shrimp for nearly a month now. Just over 2 weeks ago i noticed the two females both were carrying eggs (about 4 days apart) and since then the eggs have been developing quite well. I know shrimp should be bred in a separate tank than fish but i thought i would try it anyways. Just last week i could make out the stripes on the babies and was expecting them to hatch quite soon.

With the exception of the male CRS the other two females have been slowly hiding more and more to the point where i rarely see them each day. Cleaning the tank today i decided to dig around and found that one of the females doesn't appear to have any babies. I do not see any babies clinging around and am left to suspect they either got eaten or sucked into the filter?

Here is a link to my tank, i plan to get a picture up within then next week.

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