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MoneyFish 11-19-2011 09:22 PM

Does she look pregnant or just chubby? And a feeding question.
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Now that I know there are some male platys in the tank, I was looking more closely at the females. I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before there are fry, but it looks like I already have one that may be pregnant? What do you think? Or is she just a chubby little fish? The male definitely does not have a belly like hers, so that is why I figured she must be pregnant. If she is in fact pregnant, is it possible to tell how 'far along' she is?

And onto another related question, I am so afraid I am over feeding and then I worry I'm not feeding enough. I sprinkle a pinch at the top and they all go nuts, but some always falls to the bottom. They always clean it up within 5 minutes (and if they don't, the loaches do!) but still act so hungry if I come back to the tank an hour later. Is that just something fish do? If I open that top up to test the water they all swarm!! I feed frozen blood worms once a week, in the morning, and then flake food at night. The loaches get either shrimp pellets, sinking wafers or an algae wafer (not all in one day, I switch it up), but they also scarf down flakes when they can, too. I always do a sprinkle of flake food around 8am and then another flake feeding around 7pm, is this too much? Also, I have tried putting zucchini and cucumber in the tank, but they are never interested. Does it take them a while to figure out that the veggie is food? Thanks for helping a newbie out!! :-)

Calmwaters 11-19-2011 09:33 PM

I think she is pregnant but have no idea how far along, also yes you can feed your fish and go back in 5 minute and they will act like they are starved again. LOL Feed a little bit one time every other day and the fish will be fine if they eat it all in less than 5 minutes you can give them a little more, also if you are not yet you need to feed a sinking food for the loaches so you can be sure they get to eat.

TwilightGuy 11-20-2011 12:41 AM

Definitely pregnant; unless my eyes are playing tricks on me you can see vague round shapes in her abdomen which of course are fry under development. I give her two weeks yet but it's just a guess.

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