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GregV 10-03-2007 08:57 PM

Penguin 350 or Emporor 280?
Hey guys have a question.

Im a big fan of marineland filters, biowheels are pretty sweet.

I just got my hands on a 55(52 actual) gallon tank 48x12x21.

I need a filter now, i have to 125s i can run, but i would rather upgrade to something nice.

Im looking at either the emporor 280 with spraybar and basket, or the 350 with duel biowheels and cartridges.

any input I would apreciate, i think they both will work and the price difference is negliable, so anything you guys know would be apreciated :)

gus6464 10-04-2007 12:21 AM

The LFS I found in my area is very good and when I went in there for the first time looking at fish I talked for a while with one of the guys. Even though I was only looking to set up my 10g tank my wife and I also want a bigger tank (40-50g) so we ended up talking about that too and filters came up. Of course he told us that if cost didn't matter canister was the way to go but also the marineland's were very good. He recommended to us the bigger penguin over the emperor for the reason that the penguin has 2 biowheels. He said that alone was worth it over the more expensive emperor.

I have a 150B on the 10g and the biowheel is crawling with bacteria and it has yet to get stuck. It doesn't spin as fast as the first day but that is expected since it's a lot heavier now. For our new bigger tank we are definitely going for the penguin 350B.

GregV 10-04-2007 02:34 PM

yeah, I love Biowheel filters, I have owned several with no problem, the reason i dont want to go canister, is because airation is an issue, fluvals tend to clog like crazy, and there isnt much flow off them.

i dont however have experience with the newer emporors and penguin filters, this is why I ask.

Julie's Julies 10-11-2007 03:32 PM

I wholeheartedly agree with Gus: go with the bigger Penguin. I own the 350 and my Mother-in-law has the Emperor 280. Mine puts out a lot more water and I love the fact that there are two biowheels. Just seems safer that way.

Some have pointed out, however, that the Emperor biowheels spin a little better because of the spray bar over the biowheel. I've personally never encountered difficulties with stuck biowheels, but I know others have and so the spray bar is a consideration.

All in all, I would personally get the Penguin 350, but either way, I don't think you'll go wrong.

GregV 10-11-2007 06:24 PM

350s where sold out, but I have 2 150s and a 280 on the tank so i should be set :)

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