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krish 11-17-2011 10:20 PM

fly traps!
all right some of you must have seen my previous threads on insects being way too much, right? Anyway, I've been thinking of hanging a little glass jar with a paper cone inside it with honey coating the inner glass, kinda like the ones that are sold. Has anyone tried this, and does it work? Thanks :-)

MinaMinaMina 11-18-2011 09:28 AM

I think it would work as far as catching bugs. I've used a jar, a paper cone, and a piece of banana to catch fruit flies when I had an outbreak one summer. I know some people feed captured bugs of various kinds to their pets. At least one of the people in my local group feeds mosquito larvae in the summer. I never have because I'm nervous that the critters could have been exposed to something that I don't want in my tank like pesticides or fertilizers or chemicals or whatnot. But in one of my aquarium books it does have a section on catching and using wild bugs for fish food. It just seems iffy to me.

Maybe someone who actually does it will chime in. If not, I can post the info from my book. But I still can't recommend it.

Calmwaters 11-18-2011 10:26 AM

I would not recommend it because I just do not think its safe. You have no idea were the bugs have been or what they may carry that could make your fish sick. Its safer and perfectly healty just to feed a good flake food.

zof 11-18-2011 02:38 PM

If your really set on insects then I would make a microworm batch with out the microworms, a little bit of prepared oat meal with yeast and leave it wide open, eventually flys will find it and lay their eggs in it and you can harvest the maggots for your fish. I wouldn't use sticky traps though, you dont know what else they use on them, plus you don't know where the fly just came from (pile of dog stuff?) while harvesting the maggots should be relativity safe.

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