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Aquaripure 10-03-2007 03:06 PM

Aquaripure Comment
This is a comment from an actual Aquaripure customer on another forum.

"AQUARI-PURE!!!!!!!!! This is a denitrator / denirtifier. This device uses vodka, yes i said vodka, which you insert into the device to grow anerobic bacteria that "eat" nitrate. IT DOES WORK! After being fed up, I saved my money and bought one. Although it is expensive, I am happy I bought one. It is the cheapest denitrifier you will find. Most others range $400+. the smallest one starts at $159. Visit the site I actually found out about it from and advertisement on this webstie.
My tank currently has 6 2''-3'' convict chichlids and one 2'' red tailed black shark. I have NO NITRATE. before I had about 30ppm of nitrate. After setting up the denitrifier, I monitored the nitrate and watched it drop. The Aquaripure cycled in less than 2 weeks. I strongly reccomend this product, especially to people who keep messy fish like goldies. If you don't want to spend the money, there are DYI designs on the internet for denitrifiers. I personally have not tried any of them. Remember, even with a denitrifier, you still must do water changes, just not a frequently. I reccommend once every 3-4 months with the Aquaripure. There are also other denitrifiers on the market you could look into, they just cost more. Many of these use special feeds that you have to keep buying too."

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