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Tracy Bird 11-13-2011 05:59 AM

Dealing with a case of Ick so I went to increase my water temperature, but found my old heater (150W) would not get the water warmer than 79 F.

So I replaced it with an Aqueon (150W) turned it on to 85 F and waited for 24 hours. It too would not get the water to the desired 85 F even after turing it to the max of 88 F.

So I returned it and exchanged it for the Aqeuon PRO (150W), installed it last night and after performing a 30% water change set the temperature at 85 F and this morning my water is 81 F.

My water was 79 F after completing the water change and I expected to see mid 80's this morning.

The RED light on the heater is on which seems to indicate the heater is still in the heat mode and the temperature setting has not yet been reached.

I have TWO thermometers showing the same readings.

Is it possible I have another defective heater?

Are the heater dial's this far off from actuality?

How long should it take my 29 gallon FW planted tank to reach the desired temperature?

Am I not being patient enough?

I would prefer to try and iradicate the Ick through heat, but I'm getting concerned that I need to go with med's as I can't seem to get my water to the correct temperature.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

AbbeysDad 11-13-2011 07:36 AM

150w heater for a 29g should be plenty as long as your target temperature is within 15 degrees of your room temperature. Is your tank in living space with room temperature around 70 deg. F.? Do you have a hood or is the top open? Do you have surface water movement? (An open tank with a fair amount of water movement in a cool room will cause a significant heat loss). The odds are the 'problem' isn't two faulty heaters. I'm thinking that you may need to step up to a higher wattage heater or use two heaters in the tank (I have two heaters (Aqueon 200w/250w) in my 60g in the event one fails or there is a power failure (electric heat, but heaters and one filter run through a UPS).
The temperature set-point stamp on most rheostats is a relative position that is close to actual, but not precise (based my limited experience with just a few heaters).


Tracy Bird 11-13-2011 07:45 AM

My room temp is 76 the tank is in my home office which is a small room.

I do have a hood and I am running an air wand which id producing a lot of movement on the surface and throughout the tank.

I just don't understand it, I believe the heater thermometer is off by 4 degrees. It has a Max of 88 so I guess the warmest my tank could reach is 84.

Pretty expensive heater to be off by this much.
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Maxillius 11-13-2011 09:59 AM

are you sure 150 watt is enough for 29 gal? I have a 26 and the 100 watt one i had before was way far from being the best but workes it broke tho so now i have a 200 watt one and its working wonders hehe

Tracy Bird 11-13-2011 12:09 PM


Originally Posted by Maxillius (Post 892304)
are you sure 150 watt is enough for 29 gal? I have a 26 and the 100 watt one i had before was way far from being the best but workes it broke tho so now i have a 200 watt one and its working wonders hehe

The packaging states that the 150W can be used up to 55 gallons.

I would think it should be sufficient?

Byron 11-13-2011 01:21 PM

Most heaters I have used are not exact with respect to the temperature setting. So if this is what you are experiencing, it is likely normal. For example, I just got a new Eheim Jager heater, 150w, for my 33g and set it at 77F. The water after 24 hours was 80F, so I lowered the setting to 75F and now it is keeping the tank at 77F, in a room which is a constant 70F.

Another issue is water movement. If the water is not being moved away from the heater, it will not heat as much because the water temp around it is warmer. The heater should always be placed such that the filter outflow (or intake) is close so there is a current to move the water.

AbbeysDad 11-13-2011 02:24 PM

Byron makes a really great point - I spoke of excess water circulation resulting in heat exchange with the room, HOWEVER, if there is not enough water circulation around the heater, the water around the heater will be falsely maintained, but not represent the overall tank temperature.

Mikaila31 11-13-2011 03:06 PM

a 150 is going to have a hard time heating a 55 unless you are only trying to reach a little above room temp. I've used a 200 in my 55 for a while, but prefer a 300 watt heater. Your room temp is way high though compared to what I'm use to lol. My 55 use to sit in the basement with room temps that got down to the high 50's on winter nights. That tank had to stay a constant 80

As far as thermostat heaters go don't pay attention to them at all. I trust my little sticky thermometers more then the temp the heater is set at. Only one of my heaters actually has a temp dial on it, the other ones have either worn off or never had one to start with. I buy the cheap ones that just say + or -.

If you want it higher I would go buy an hagen elite radiant heater, it is non-submersible though. It will easily get your tank to the temps you want. They have $&#@ reviews for some reason. Our of the 6 or so different heaters I am using or have used, its been my favorite for a long time. Its pretty indestructible IMO. The temp dial is pretty touchy though so make very small adjustments.

AbbeysDad 11-13-2011 05:44 PM

The tank in question is a 29 not a 55. Aqueon recommends a 100w heater for a 30g up to 10 def F. above room temperature, 150w for 15 deg. F. The 150w should do the job nicely.

Tracy Bird 11-13-2011 08:22 PM

The heater is located right next to the HOB filter, it fit's in the same hood opening as the filter.

The air wand is in close proximty (along the back glass) to the heater, but I turned it off for awhile and it didn't make a difference.

I don't know if it's something in my set up somewhere?

The heater thermometer is 4-6 degrees off to the low side and unfortunately this has delayed my ability to treat the ich with 86-88 degree water. I've been struggling with the heat increase all weekend and tonight I went ahead with meidcations since it was clear my temperatures would not reach the proper level of heat.

I may call Aqueon tomorrow to see if they have any suggestions and if this is truly the norm for their products. I can understand a degree or two, but 4-6?

I understand the stability part, but I purchased the heater to produce a certain amount of heat as provided by the manufacturers description - it's states it will reach 88 F and the dial supports that temperature.

But anyway, thanks for the thoughts and suggestions.

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