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Lupin 09-30-2007 10:33 PM

Plenty of changes with the first LFS
Well, I had shopped in one lfs a lot for several years until the last I did was 5 years ago. I decided to drop by there again despite their nasty reputation for bad tank maintenance. To say the least, I am not impressed with the way the new batch of employees treat the pets. I had bought 2 Synodontis ocellifer from them this morning and the way the lady caught them was rather improper. She catches them with swift motion which is in my opinion rather stressful.:redmad: I had to tell her to do it slowly as I do not want my fish stressed when they arrive home. The synos even punctured the bags and I had recommended they use newspaper wrapped around the first bag and have another bag wrapped around the newspaper. One employee refuses to listen but I insisted he better do it or else. I had recommended triple-bagging but that man is obviously not keen to be given advice.:evil:

On another note, the lady tempted me to buy Monodactylus sebae which she considers fit for smaller aquaria.:roll: I told her I am not buying anything else that will not be suitable for my tanks. I know perfectly well that monos will not fare well in freshwater conditions for long.

An hour conversation with her reveals they know very little about fish. I decided to stay there a little longer and give her all the information I can provide regarding each fish species. It'll be up to them whether they listen or not. The man pointed out to me their flowerhorn having wounds at the base of the tail. I had asked if they have Melafix and they seem surprised. It appears this is the first time they ever heard of one. I decided to recommend they do plenty of water changes and they better remove all the excreta and food leftovers in their hospital tank.

Lastly, I know this is not fish-related but I had to relate to you that they have dwarf species of hamsters available. I had kept these cute rodents before. I was shown a wounded hamster with its face bloodied. The lady kept beating it and as it was dying, she had it thrown to the bin. I was horrified by this and kept shooting nasty furtive glances on her. She even beat several hamsters with a ruler for "biting the other hamster". I know why hamsters act that way. The tank where they are in is far too overcrowded.:evil: Unfortunately, I could do nothing more than try to intervene by telling her the proper way to care the hamsters.

Overall, the whole operation is not really impressive.:shake: As for the complaint needed to be issued, unfortunately, I do not know the LFS owner nor do I know when he makes inspections in his store. I've actually never known the owner at all despite several years of being a regular customer there.

Edit: This has been created simply to share my experiences to everyone else. A situation of this nature is rarely encountered in my area but I must admit the whole situation was really shocking. If you have questions about this, you are free to give me a private message.;)

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