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Steve1107 11-08-2011 11:56 AM

Friend for Black Moor?

We are moving our beloved Black Moor goldfish from his way-outgrown 2.5 gal home into a newly-cycled 29-gal. tank and would like to get him a compatible goldfish friend. The forums say to get another fancy goldfish, especially one with eyesight comparable to his, so the fish are similarly equipped when it comes to finding food. We'd prefer NOT to get one of the really, really fancy fish like a Lionhead, and we'd like to get one that will be long-lived like the Black Moor (we hope!).

Anyone have any experiences or recommendations they can share? My 12 year old would like to get him a Fantail friend, and while Fantails also are fancy, they don't seem to have the same eye issues.


29 gal cycled tank, not planted yet (may be asking your advice about planting soon)
Eheim 2213 filter
fresh water

thekoimaiden 11-08-2011 08:23 PM

I think your best bet would to be getting either another Moor (they come in a Panda variety) or a Telescope/Globe eye. Telescopes come in calico and solid gold and have very similar eyes to Moors. You can easily find pictures of them on google, but I didn't see any in the profiles here. Other goldfish with similar eye conditions are a little too fancy. The bubble eye and celestial both lack dorsal fins. Best of luck finding another friend for your Moor.

Steve1107 11-08-2011 09:30 PM

Dear Koi Maiden,

Thank you for the reply and the suggestions. It's very much appreciated to hear from somebody who has experience and knowledge of Goldfish!

We'll check out the other varieties with telescope eyes. From what you say, there probably are ones out there that look a bit like basic Fantails, not to mention all the other possibilities.


thekoimaiden 11-09-2011 02:21 PM

I know has Telescopes as well as Panda Moors, but I'm not a big fan of buying goldfish online. I like to see goldfish before I buy them. I have seen some Telescopes at Petsmart and Petco, but they weren't in the greatest condition. Hope you can find a beautiful buddy for your Moor! I'm in the process of find a perfect redcap oranda to go with my ryukin and fantail.

Steve1107 11-09-2011 09:57 PM


With your advice -- thank you! -- we went to a LFS Petland tonight where they have a variable but usually wide choice of Fancy Goldfish and got a Calico Telescope. He seems pretty lively and frisky, mostly orange and black, in fact looks a little like he has tiger stripes. Can't wait till he can come out of quarantine and meet our Black Moor.

It sounds like you'll have a nice community. Best wishes with finding the Redcap you're looking for to hang with your Ryukin and Fantail. Would you say that Goldfish are happiest in groups of three? We've been so hopeful that two would be happy together; right now don't have a tank big enough for three. How have your Ryukin and Fantail been as tankmates? Are they the only fish in the tank?

Thanks again,

thekoimaiden 11-10-2011 11:17 AM

Petland! I completely forgot about that place. I only have Petsmart and Petco around here. I might have to go find a store if they have a good goldfish selection.

Goldfish are certainly happier with a buddy around. My two have been in their current 50 gal for about 5 years. They will often follow each other around the tank. Recently I had to put a divider in to let some of my plants regrow; when I removed it, they wouldn't venture into the "new" area unless the other was with them. I think they will be much more adventurous with another buddy in the tank. I did have a comet with them at one time, but I had to rehome him to a pond because he was a little too frisky for my fancies (and he grew like a weed).

I know goldfish are happy with a buddy, but I don't really know how many buddies are needed to make one happy. If the tank is in an area where they can see you often perhaps just one buddy with be enough. Goldfish aren't a schooling fish like many tetras but they do enjoy company.

Also I'm glad to find another goldfish enthusiast. Goldfish are often passed over in favor of most tropical fish, but I think they have a wonderful charm to them.

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