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parrot 11-08-2011 12:54 AM

cuttle bone
i put cuttle bone in tank to increase calcium advice from romad i think but aparently it raises ph heaps and it dosnet disvole fast and other problems im wondering while this be a problem or can i jsut lower ph
wondering if it will affect shrimp wht will happen i put half a cuttle bone in and how long dose it take to disolve please help!
ph: around 7.5
inhabitants:red cherry shrimp 11 golden Apple Snail 3 red horn snail 5-10
filter: advnaced expnsive and good
tempreature: 25 c NOT FARANHITE
plants: Amazon Sword Fontinalis
bottom: gravel
food: slightly boiled spinich

got tank set up with water and plants then waited 2 weeks for abcteria to grow and coloring to go fed some fish food to nothing for alge then put shrimp and snails

parrot 11-08-2011 03:31 PM

bumpdy bmp please help i dont want my rcs to die or my ph to go out of wack idk much abvout adding cuttle bone it was just recomeneded

dfbiggs 11-08-2011 04:35 PM

Your pH is 7.5...not a big deal for RCS..just fine for the snails? When you add hardness to your water like Calcium your pH will go up. If it gets closer to 8.0 then you may want to consider mixing in some RO water. This is low pH soft water it does not carry hardness levels your snails need....So you don't want to keep your snails in a complete RO tank because it will eat their shell away. Definately mix them.

Some also add a little mesh baggie of peat moss to lower pH..this may give your water a brown look (tannins) but won't hurt anything.

parrot 11-08-2011 08:59 PM

thanks alot but do i have to add ro water i jsut wanted to add calcium becuase my snaisl shells were detrating i put 1/2 cuttle bone in just wondering if i have to put ro water in id rather not and how long dose it take for cuttle bone to disolve or do i take it out soon or do i do a water change immdeitalty please reply ty

parrot 11-08-2011 09:04 PM

also if anyone could give some good advicve for breeding shrimp and snails thatd be great becuase where i live only 1 place that sells shrimp and they run out thier not getting mroe so i need to breed them i only have 10 shrimp and so far only 1 male lol so any advice to breed such as food tempreature plants for apple snails red horns snails and shrimp and any adbvice on how i can buy more shrimp i live in sydney enmore near broadway and enmore theather

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