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jsilva13 11-07-2011 09:34 PM

Baby Guppy and Snail Issue - Amateur :)
Let me start by saying...I am no expert at fishtanks and fish. I am barely beginning to learn. I have set up a 125 gallon fish tank. It has guppies, yellow pleco (2), and other tropical community fish. (I have a 6 year old and I stick with $1 fish so they are easily replaceable).

I bought a live plant (which promply died) and it "gifted" my tank with snails. tons and tons and tons of little ugly black snails. I have been trying to pull them out, but it's getting old. I also just had my two yellow pleco's give birth to babies and also the guppies have also given birth. Honestly, I didn't think this woud happen so I was not prepared. The babies are doing fine without having to be segregated.

Here's my problem:
1. How do I control my snail population without harming the babies in the tank.
2. I purchased a baby fish floating tank but it will be a task and a half to catch all the babies - already spent hours...apparently they are smarter and faster than me :/
3. I tried putting a piece of lettuce in a cup and sinking it to the bottom...i hardly caught any snails, but many of the baby pleco's liked to be in the fail.

Here's what I've been told by petsmart:
1. A clown loach is good but could end up eating the baby fish
2. I REFUSE to use chemicals and I don't know about using aquarium salt (that scares me and I was told it could still be ineffective)
3. My tank has fish that won't get very big and a clown loach grows rapidly, it could end up turning on the small fish
4. I don't have any fish specialty stores so my fish selection is limited to petco, petsmart, and red barn

I don't know what other information to provide. I'd be happy to submit additional info if requested...Thanks for any tips that anyone can offer. :)

Calmwaters 11-07-2011 09:47 PM

If you are over run with snails you are more than likely over feeding your fish. You could get any of the loaches and they will eat the snails but you need to make sure the loach you get will be ok with your waters ph, temp, and hardness. And yes they could eat the babys but so can the other fish in the tank. I would not get the clown loach as they get big and like to be in groups. If you look in our profile ssection at the top of the page you can get lots of info on loaches and many, many other fish. Here is a link to the section in the profiles were you can find info for loaches:

Boredomb 11-07-2011 11:17 PM

Instead of using a cup put the lettuce straight on the substrate or cucumber works well to. Then use a net to get them out. That might work better.

FishHed 11-08-2011 03:29 PM

What about freshwater Assasin Snails?

MinaMinaMina 11-08-2011 03:39 PM

I think your plecos would be very sensitive to salt, so no go there. Also, many snails are salt tolerant. =( I'll might have more later, I just wanted to throw the salt thing out there so you didn't try that.
But, also... pic of the snail might help ID, then we can give you an idea of how to deal and/or how harmful or beneficial they might be.

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