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Ddeyoung 11-07-2011 07:57 PM

Lethargic guppies
I recently set up an aquarium for my grandchildren to enjoy when they visit. I've had many aquariums over the years but never had guppies. I have a 5 gal tank with a pair of guppies. There were 3 of them and 1 is no longer in there (?) No clue what happened as there is a top on this tank. Anyway, back to my question...I have noticed that they have become quite lethargic and are not eating like they were. About a week ago I noticed what I thought may have been Ick on the female and treated the tank with an appropriate dose of Tetra Fungus Guard. Seemed to clear that up just fine, but now they just don't act right. Are guppies usually pretty lethargic and hover in one place at the top of the tank? (I didn't think so) So how can I help them?

Calmwaters 11-07-2011 09:02 PM

How often are you doing water changes? Your tank is new so it is going through the cycle period I would suggest getting a test kit the API master kit is a good one and one that most of us on here use. I would suggest doing a 50% water change to see if that helps the fish. You can read more about the cycle here:

TwilightGuy 11-08-2011 03:48 PM

Ditto on that, probably the ammonia level is sky high. Like was mentioned already, get a test kit, change water often and, another thing that would help is buy some "Prime", which will drop the ammonia level immediately, but you have to reapply every 24-36 hours, I believe is the rate. (until the tank becomes established, 4-6 weeks). You should see an almost immediate change for the better in your fish if you do the water changes and/or the Prime treatment.

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