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littlebabyfilly 09-29-2007 11:23 PM

Preparing to move and a few setup questions ALL of my guppies i gave away, except one female, and a few fry which are in a cracked 10 gal tank that holds about 7-8 gals of water...
my goldfish are still in their tank, and i just realized today that i should have had my guppy filter running on my goldfish to cycle the filter, as it never did cycle.

i just set it up, in hopes that running this like that for a while will prime it for when i finally decide to get more guppies, which will be in about two weeks to a month.. (we have to move once from house to apartment, then across the hall once they finish remodeling our apartment) so im not going to set up the big tank till we get into our permanent dwelling. is this going to be sufficient time?

if i keep both filters on the gold fish will it affect the gold fish at all? its a 10 gal tank, and it now has two 30 gal filters on it...the gold fish are getting a bigger tank as well when we are permanent, so please dont yell at me. i understand the over crowding thing, i didnt before, but im going to remedy it as soon as possible. if anything i would think the goldies should like it better... is there something i should be doing that im not?

my fry tank even is still cycling, but the spikes have not been very high, and i have been doing water changes with every ammonia test over .25. i test daily, and have only lost a couple fry. mom seems to be doing ok, better since i let her out of the breeder. i felt bad for keeping her in there, and didnt know how long until we got to where we were going till just yesterday, so i let her out. i watched her eat some of the fry, but thats ok, as id like to keep her if i can, shes pretty.

Also i got some chlorine test strips today, are they pretty accurate? im still trying to figure out what killed most of my guppies. was thinking maybe it was the water, but i test for ph, ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites, and those were all decent during the last week or so. is gh and kh nescessary? is there something im not testing for that i should be?

Id like to use my 2 gal tank as a hospital/quarantine tank, and am wondering what the best set up for that would be. it would be running all the time, with fish or not. im thinking of putting a live plant in there, and a heater with a long do i quarantine new fish before they go in with the others, how long before i know they are safe? is there something i should automatically treat with just to be safe? how many at a time should be in there? I will eventually have another 10 gal tank just for this. but i would like more info on the hospital tank, how to set it up, what to use it for, how to clean it after an infected fish has been in it, and what to do and what not to do.

Oh yeah, and all this is for guppies, and im thinking my big tank is going to have a couple tetras and danios in it this time going to start with the danios...what is the best combination of these three for numbers? i want cardinal tetras, and prefer the long finned danio...would i have to do anything different than i did with the guppies? will fancy catfish eat them? i was thinking maybe one or two of them if its big enough, but waiting to hear replies...thanks ahead of time.

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