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vinoth1465 09-29-2007 08:03 PM

tank size for parrot cichlid
i am planning on setting up a tank for parrot cichlid... i was wondering if anyone with experience of owning them can help.

i have a 40 gallon breeder tank... will that be good enough, if so how many parrot cichlid fish can i introduce.

tank mates: tiger barbs, red tail shark, and clown loaches... with they pose any problems to the parrton cichlid or like wise.

substrat: i have thahitian black moon sand. can i use that or i have to use fine gravel.

filter: emperor filter system 400

thanks for helping.

Lupin 09-29-2007 11:19 PM

Parrot cichlids are very unpredictable. You will never know when they may suddenly attack their tankmates. I would not recommend one with your current stocklist.

vinoth1465 09-30-2007 08:40 AM

i actually have 5 tiger barbs in a 20 G and a red tail in a seperate 20G...

i can leave them in there and dedicate the 40 just for the parrot cichlid.

do you know how big they get... LFS just got a shipment in and they are offering 4 parrots for 50 dollars.

these are around 1.5" to 2"... the guy at the LFS is new and does not know much about this particular fish.

Lupin 09-30-2007 05:30 PM

They can reach 10 inches at most. I'd keep only one for a 40g.:) On the side note, you'd certainly want to avoid the dyed, tattooed and those with tails removed to maintain their "heart" shape.;)

vinoth1465 09-30-2007 05:51 PM

i am going to get just one... thanks for the advice... thanks on pointing out about the dye... totally agree. when i first started fish hobbing, a LFS sold me 3 show white tetras with dye...

i didnt know about them back them... and when i found out, was totally furious that he did not inform or say anything to me...

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