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GwenInNM 11-05-2011 06:53 PM

experience with "Neutral Regulator"
I just got back from Petsmart, and saw a product which claimed to keep ph at 7.0, called Neutral Regulator (white powder). Says to add monthly or twice monthly, though I'd assume you'd add it with each water change. Anyone have experience if it works, without fluctuating ph? Our tap has high ph at 8.3 and I'd do this in my community tank, as it would be "better" for the fish, even though they are doing well in the ph they are in.

Thoughts please?


Byron 11-06-2011 01:23 PM

I have not used that particular product. My general feeling is not to use these, since the initial GH and KH of the source water is what causes the pH to be what it is, and only by effectively dealing with softening (in this case) the GH and KH will the pH be safely lower and stable. I have the same issue only in reverse; my water is so soft some tanks need higher GH, but here too I prefer the natural method of using calcareous gravel rather than the available preparations.

The other thing is that a neutral pH of 7 is not natural for any fish. Mind you, I don't know how effective this chemical may be in getting a pH of 7 and keeping it.

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