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bobo 09-29-2007 11:05 AM

Since LFS in Cyprus tend to be usually clueless i have an eel called an `albino eel` which only eats (as i have been told) goldfish. I dont mind the costs covered in buying goldfish which are the equivalent of feeder fish since we dont have those here. So yes these are feeder fish goldfish so its not as cruel as it sounds! In the past my eel would eat one goldfish every 2 days, over the last 2 days however it has eaten 3 goldfish which were meant to last me for the long weekend. Since on Monday its a national holiday i won`t be able to buy goldfish till tuesday morning. My friend who has one feeder goldfish told me he could give me his so i can feed my eel. Is there anything else though that eels eat so i can avoid using my friends fish as food.

the picture below is the eel so if u have any ideas please let m know

its about 30 cm long (cant really measure it :P ) and now lives with an oscar and a large blood parrot - and basically eats whatever fits in its mouth.

fish_4_all 09-29-2007 12:10 PM

No clue what the fish is, looks like an eel so I am going with that.

As for feeding, try shrimp pellets, prawns cut in small chunks, night crawlers washed well, common guppies, freeze dried shimp, chunks of fresh fish like talipia. Any of these could entice him enough that he will eat them. Make sure the prawns are raw and rinsed well to get as much salt off them as possible. Also make sure if you try talipia that it is clean with no entrails on the meat and maybe remove the skin although it might not be needed.

Falina 09-29-2007 12:39 PM

F4A gave some good suggestioins there.

I'd just like to add that feeder goldfish have very little nutritional value and your eel will not do well on a diet of these alone. Best to feed a varied diet and limit feeder fish, be they guppies or goldfish, to an ocassional treat.

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