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Gump 09-29-2007 12:15 AM

This product looks very interesting. I was just thinking last week that i should look into more nitrate filtration for my show tank which has a weekly growing demand for nitrate removal. What type of pump is provided with the large and XL filters? Also what is the recommended gph for the pump if i choose to pick a different pump? And if i understand the pictures it looks like a low flow system with the outflow set to slow drip back into the sump/tank. Also how important is it to keeping small solids out of the filter?

I think those are the only questions I had for you. Welcome to the site, nice to see some sponsors.

Aquaripure 09-29-2007 09:59 AM

The pump is an Aquarium Systems Mini-Jet 606 and I do not recommend any other pump as I have chosen this pump specifically for the Aquaripure. They are very small yet reliable and have the exact amount of power appropriate for the Aquaripure. If you do not live in North America then you will need a pump rated 300-450 liters per hour with a maximum pumping height of 100-125 cm. Being a slow flow filter solids really do not get into the filter. You want to keep the pump relatively clear of inorganic sediment but itís not much of a concern. All organic solids are completely broken down and so organic solids are not a concern. I had an Aquaripure used in a heavily stocked aquarium for two years and then I took it apart. There was only a very, very fine dusting (nanometers) of what looked and smelled like silt on the bottom. It would have taken more than a lifetime for it to build up to any appreciable level.

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