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KenC1 11-04-2011 07:21 PM

First 20 gallon Aquarium
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I finally got my 20 gallon aquarium. My wife got used to the 5 gallon and decided I could get it. There are only 3 shops in the area. We made it to two of them. They are a few hours drive to get to them.
The first one had higher prices but they had female Guppies. No breeding grass or any way to check ph, amminia or nitrates. I bought 2 female guppies.
The second store was where I bought the same tank, an undergravel filter, light and pump. He had a live plant that he was using in his tanks for the fry so I bought some of it. I didn't want to have live plants and it will probably go as soon as I can find something else.
I really don't like dealing with that dealer. The shop is not clean and it seems he has too much stuff just cluttering up the place. He is helpful but it seems like the operation is more than he can handle. The tanks are cloudy and he stores the gravel in bags on the floor in front of the tanks with the fish.
I might mention the stores here are open. They do not have front walls. At night they close it up to avoid theft.
I went against all common sense and bought 8 neons. I noticed a few dead fish on the top of the water and brought it to his attention. I asked him about guarantees and was really surprised. It is basically none. The only thing that had any guarantee to it was the tank and that was a one day against leakage. If it breaks, it is not covered. Everything else has no guarantee. He gave me a discount on the neons which were arout .25 each. The gas to the shop would cost a lot more than that.
We are going to install the tank in an opening between the dining room and the kitchen (we don't cook in that room except for coffee and a microwave. We cook in another place.) The wall is cement. We will build a shelf that is deep enough for it and supported on the back.
Here are a few photos of the beginning.

KenC1 11-05-2011 11:01 PM

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Here it is after I set it up.

I am not sure what the line is in the middle. It is not there in the tank. Maybe a reflection from across the room. I should wait until night to take the photos.
The tank has 3 neons and 5 guppies of which 2 are female.
Due to the way they do things here, I will not have temp, ph or any other readings. They seem to just judge things by the way the fish act ( which I don't like). The dealers I have talked to both say this.
I am trying to find some testing kits to know more about where things are. Until then I must go with how they do things here.
I am using an undergravel filter in this tank.
It is mounted in a cement wall on 2 sheets of marine plywood. The back is braced in three places with square pieces of the same plywood. It will hold me ( 253 pounds) with no signs of weakness.

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