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Mirta 09-29-2007 03:51 AM

pale back or dorsal area in a neon
I have a nice school of about 7 cardinal tetras and 7 blue neon tetras. One of my neons has developed a pale tone on his back near the dorsal fin. Now I notice that the pale spot is becoming kind of bigger and spreading to one side . The fish is lively and eats well. But I am worried about his health.

Lupin 09-29-2007 11:13 PM

A picture will help determine what it is.:)

Mirta 09-30-2007 02:19 PM

Yes, I know it would be the best thing to make a picture of that. I also wanted to make and share pics of my tanks. But although I have a good camera and have tried several times, my attempts to resize and mail a pic to a forum failed. I will keep trying!

Thanks for replying :)

tophat665 10-13-2007 09:15 PM

I'd isolate that fish ASAP. While it can't be said with any surety without pix, you may have a case of neon tetra disease there.

Mirta 10-17-2007 02:49 PM

Yes, I've read a lot about this disease, but there's no info on how long a fish can live with it or how fast this disease develops. This neon has been like this for quite a while, but he doesn't get any worse. Well, maybe he gets thinner with time and he looks a bit crooked at one side.

If I decide to isolate him, I think he will die without his companions pretty fast. Also, I have three tanks and I still don't know where to put him. I have an old tank with Sumatra barbs and a newly set up, my daughter's fancy, which I intend to keep sterile as she wants neons in there later on, and this huge with neons, angels, cats, cories, cherry barbs, cardinals, two golden gouramis, and anctsitruses.

tophat665 10-17-2007 03:23 PM

Well, whatever you do, make sure that, if he looks like he's fixing to die, get him out of there. NTD is transmitted most easily by healthy fish eating sick fish, usually after they kick the bucket.

Mirta 10-18-2007 11:39 AM

:D The little crooked boy doesn't look like he is going to kick the bucket. On the contrary, he eats well, and it appears his sparkling shine is returning to him.

Now his back is not pale anymore, but one of his sides is as if slightly darker. It is there where he has that curve. He is thinner than the others.

Thank you for your help, I will watch them and as soon as I see those sad signs I will put him in ... a bucket, I guess.

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