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deman3 11-01-2011 11:38 PM

29G community Stocking question
So my friend is stocking his 29g tank. He moved his current stock from his 10g after his tank cycled. He is looking at stocking:

2 dwarf Gourami
10 neons
6 barbs

He also wants a substrate fish but I think he would be pushing the stocking level. He currently has a HOB filter rated to support a 30g(I dont remember which one) and a biowheel filter rated for up to 20g tanks that came from the 10g. I think he would be fine with some cories but says that he is WAY overstocked with the above listed fish. Does anyone see any problems with what he is planning?

Byron 11-02-2011 07:38 PM

There may well be problems, depending upon the species of barb. Only the cherry barb is suited to a 29g, and with gourami. Most other barbs are either too large (remember they need a shoal) and/or too aggressive. And for the same reason they may not suit neons either, which are slow sedate fish by comparison. The dwarf gourami has serious health issues if one is not careful with the source, by which I mean, where it was bred/raised.

spike0544 11-02-2011 07:53 PM

I use aqadvisor only as a way to plan out my tanks. I like to see the plan all laid out. I don't pay much attention to the results because there are many factors that effect stocking levels. I would suggest a planted tank and a sponge filter for a 29 gallon tank. If you stick with just the the HOB I would consider a larger capacity filter which will help solve some of your stocking issues, but I would not go overboard. I would have to agree with Byron on the Barbs. Barbs are very active fish and need lots of open swimming space. I have kept many different species and in my experience they do much better in groups of at least 8-10 which helps to reduce aggression.

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