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Smigates 09-26-2007 10:04 PM

gorami mating
My three spotted gorami mated today, when I got home the male was no longer blue, he was showing some black shadow lines. This evening my daughter pointed out that he was almost black. He and the female "twisted" there for a while and now he chases her away from his corner of the tank. First off its a 150 gal tank, 6 feet long and about 20 inches square so when she takes off he doesnt agress her.

I am guessing he tends the eggs because he has a pile of air bubbles he guards and keeps tending.

OK so thes a question in here and it is "what do I do? The other fish in the tank are mostly omnivores and i am sure once the fish are hatched they will be food. and how closely should I watch his interaction with the female. I have a small tank (10 gal) that I could set up as a "Maternity Ward" if I have to. but i dont know what it needs or what the babies will eat. What do I do?

Lupin 09-26-2007 11:41 PM

Remove the female afte spawning. Leave the male to tend the eggs and remove the male when the fry becomes free-swimming before the fry will be considered as food. If in the community, I'd simply provide more plants and hope several fry will eventually survive.

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