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91sw20 09-24-2007 07:34 PM

ramshorn snail laid eggs and hatched fish?? pics inside
about 3 weeks ago my ramshorn snail laid eggs. My tiger barbs were soon enjoying them as a meal so I put them into a breeder net.

Today in the breeder net are 3 fry. I'm not sure how they got there or even what type of fish they are. The top of the breeder net was just at the surface of the water. I'm thinking one of my fish had the fry and 3 managed to escape being dinner and swim into the net by luck.

You can see the snail eggs in the bottom of the breeder. I don't think they will ever hatch at this point. I see very little if any development in the eggs.

Stupid question time:
Is it possible those were fish eggs and the snail was eating them? If so what fish egg would take 3 weeks to hatch?

I am currently stocked with:
2 dalmation mollys
3 blue platys
2 red tuxedo platys
6 pristella tetras
2 black neon tetras
4 white skirt tetras
1 longfin gold danio
6 tiger barbs
4 red velvet swordtails
1 pineapple swordtail
2 silver hatchets (just added 1 week ago)
1 leopard ctenopoma (just added 1 week ago)
2 masked cory cats
1 emerald cory cat
2 chinese algae eaters
1 pleco

1 ramshorn snail
1 apple snail
several red who knows snails.[/img]

Lupin 09-25-2007 01:33 AM

Re: ramshorn snail laid eggs and hatched fish?? pics inside
Your fry look like livebearer fry to me who have just jumped into your net.:question:

bettababy 10-10-2007 09:18 PM

From the looks of the picture and list of fish in the tank, they are likely to be molly fry, or livebearer fry of one type or other, and they managed to find their way into the net to escape being eaten. What size tank is this? Did you know that your leopard ctenopoma is a predator that can be highly aggressive and grows to about 10 inches? It will eat its way through your tank if you keep it in there. I see you only added it a week ago, you may want to consider removing it before it has a chance to eat anything.

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