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soffii2512 10-24-2011 08:50 AM

Pregnant Guppy's
Hi there :)

In my Tropical tank i have 4 female guppy's and 2 males, 1 female molly and one male molly. a loach and 4 neon's.

All four of my guppy's are pregnant. and have dark circles on their underside. I have been told that this is a sign that they are pregnant but how do i know when they are ready to give birth and do i seperate from the rest of the tank and what do i feed them ?

many thanks sophie

TwilightGuy 10-28-2011 03:54 PM

Almost all adult females have a dark underside so that's not necessarily an indication that they are pregnant. However, if you've been watching them closely and they are getting fatter, getting a bigger bulge or curve to their bellies, getting wider from head-on, that is a pretty good indication. Sometimes you can see the babies eyes inside the mother's belly if you look closely. That's proof, of course, as well.

You won't really know when they will deliver; allow 4-5 weeks usually, and separating them from the other tank mates will certainly give the babies a better chance at survival. Provide cover for the fry in the form of fine leafed vegetation.

"Feed them" - I don't know if you mean the mothers or the babies. The mothers don't require any different food than what they usually eat; fresh, good quality flake food is ok. The babies will need a very fine powder food initially, you can get it at fish stores, or, what I do is crumble TetraMin flakes until that are nothing but powder, and I do mean like dust. Also baby brine shrimp if you can handle that. Good luck.

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