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Crocer 10-23-2011 07:29 PM

question with my re awakining
Ok, so I have decided to go with fish that naturally thrive with my water quality( hard alkaline), and based on a lot of reading I have done have learned that this is the best way to keep all fish ( keeping fish that who's natural water perimeters match to the perimeters where your at). I have read that fish when kept out side there natural conditions will adapt but not thrive and generaly have there life span shortened greatly. a good example is the neon tetra, when kept out side its natural conditions it can live from 1-5 years. But when kept in its natural water conditions, can generally live for 20 years. My question is however concerning the so called "hardy fish" which apparently can suvive and thrive out side of there natural ph and hardness range. this generally includes: zebra danios, black skirt tetra's, white skirt tetra's, Common pleco's(all four varieties that fall under this name), betta's, paradise fish,bushy nosed pleco's, gold fish, tiger barbs, and cories. does anyone know if the lives of these the fish are shortened when kept out of there natural parameters ( ph, soft/hardness)?

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