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gupgram 10-20-2011 10:38 PM

algae on plants
Hi there, My plants are flourishing but I have not used any fertilzer.(Plants added first of June) I do have a little string algae in both tanks one little area of the pennywort, should I split that out as the roots where it grows they are dark greent? 20gal plalnts are brazillian pennywort-already split it for the 10gal and still have pared it some, a pretty lutea very full and the flamming sword is a real center focal point like a big fan! It has a T8. One of the lutea's also full moved to 10gal. It has a reg. full spect. floures. Both 12 hrs on. But 20 gal. where first string showed, my Mom now living with us, has her chair and table right beside the end of 20g. Most of time it is on 150 W! I started a week ago covering tanks when lights are off on them since the room has a lot of lights on late. Is it mandatory to use fertilizer? H2O change is every 3 weeks, 25%. Param hold great. Even GH & KH. What do you think? Thank you! Gupgram

Byron 10-21-2011 11:47 AM

If your plants are flourishing as you say, leave well alone. Some of us need to use fertilizer, some don't, depending upon the nutrients available from water, fish food, waste, etc, and the plant speecies.

gupgram 10-21-2011 08:08 PM

Thank you. Well tonight since the pennywort was really growing, I took the area in both tanks where the string alge you could see it growing from of the roots and pruned them out. The roots in those parts were not white translucent but very dark green and the string stuff grew out from them. I did not have a lot of it but don't want it to get that way! Now to have my son in law help me with my camera to see if I can get pics to post soon.

Take care...Gupgram

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