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Dragon Arcadia 10-20-2011 09:37 PM

Violet Goby- Survival Odds
So an attempt to move a fairly healthy violet goby into my aquarium just turned into the biggest disaster I've ever had while acclimating fish.

After giving the goby about an hour to acclimate, I began attempting to move it from bag to aquarium. Anyone who has ever attempted to net a violet goby knows that this fish may be arguably the hardest thing to net, even while it's in a bag. After a few minutes, I gave up on the net and began emptying as much water as I could into a jug, then put the rest in the aquarium with the fish.

What I didn't count on was this fish jumping out of the bag and over the aquarium, landing just behind the tank. When I tried to pick it up, it jumped off the desk and landed in the tiny space between it and the wall. It took me over a minute to pull the desk back so I could get to the fish, and probably another minute to actually catch it.

Even worse, as I was lowering it into the water, it flopped out of my hand and onto the floor again. When I caught it the second time I just dropped it into the water so it wouldn't have a chance to jump again.

So what are the odds of it surviving all of this? Violet gobies are one of my favorites, and I don't want to think I killed one because I couldn't even put it in the tank. It's just laying on the bottom now, as violet gobies typically do, and it's still breathing, but it seems really week now.

ladayen 10-22-2011 04:42 PM

3 times? icky.. Well all you can do is give it time. I've had a few fish jump out. One I dont know how long it was out of water for. We had to do an emergency transfer and set up another tank. Half way through filling the tank we checked on them.. well there were 2 fish in the bucket at one point. Took us about a minute to find it. It sat on the bottom of the tank for awhile but made a full recovery. Bucket was sitting on the table as well.

jdiaz 11-09-2011 07:09 AM

Wow, thats a crazy one lol, well i have two mollies and the male was always scared of the net. One day he jumped out of the net when doing a water change and survive. Then the other day he got sucked up by the filter and was stuck on the tube I did not see him in the tank so i checked the tube as fast as i coul and blew on it from the other side, same hapend to a goldfish i first had, and he looked just fine but when i had blown on the tube he landed on the floor and had to pick him up. I know that mollies and gobies are not the same but if my molly can survive then so can yours. As long as you dont see bad physical damage like a broken fin, my goldfish died when he broke his tail fin he could not swim so he got suked by the filter again. I am sure your gobie will be fine.

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