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KendraMc 10-18-2011 01:35 PM

pellets getting stuck in mouths?
i recently started feeding pellets in rotation with flakes. i have new life spectrum There + A regular formula. they are 1mm sinking pellets. i notice that after eating them, my tiger barbs sometimes have one pellet stuck in their mouths, keeping their mouths open. they will swim around like this for a while, then suddenly the pellet will break up, scattering around them. they are all acting normal and seem to like the pellets (none ever actually make it to the bottom). should i be worried about this? or is it normal?

Byron 10-18-2011 02:25 PM

That is normal. Many of my shoaling fish (tetra, rasbora) will pick up the sinking tablets and do the same. And the other pellet foods too. These fish have teeth and will eventually bite into the pellet/tablet. My tetra often play "tag;" one picks up the tablet, swims a bit, then drops it when it is trying to break off a piece, another quickly snaps it up, and the whole thing repeats. Meanwhile, the poor hungry corys and loaches are patiently waiting...:lol:

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