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rhessling 10-17-2011 03:39 AM

floating plants
im starting a breeding operation and have necer keept live plants but imm looking to add to my tanks with some plants from ebay they are as follows dwarf floating lettce, pista stratiates ,amazon frogbit, satrina auriculata and then java moss on the bottom
ples let me know what you think as far as easy care and hidding the babies

Byron 10-17-2011 12:54 PM

Some are suitable, others less so; and some are difficult to cultivate.

Pistia stratiotes (common Watter Lettuce) grows very large, and is best in ponds. For your purposes (in a small tank for fry), I would not choose this plant.

The dwarf form I have not personally seen, but from what I have read it would be suitable. Like the above, it needs good light and nutrients. I think there are better choices.

Limnobium laevigatum (Amazon Frogbit) is in our profiles (click the shaded name). Not always easy to cultivate, it goes through rest periods.

Salvinia auriculata (I assume this is your "satrina") is ideal as a shade plant. It is also in our profiles. Not my choice for fry as the roots are not extensive.

Ceratopteris cornuta (Water Sprite), without doubt, the best floating plant for fry. The extensive roots dangling in the water collect all sorts of fry food. If hiding is also required this plant also fits the bill. I have had gourami species spawn in tanks covered with this plant and several fry will survive without my intervention. Also suitable for livebearer fry.

Some stem plants work very well. Cabomba is probably the best for fry hiding, and in livebearer tanks this works very well if there is enough of it left floating. Brazilian Pennywort also, though not as thick for the hiding aspect.


DKRST 10-17-2011 01:04 PM

I agree that water sprite is probably the best option. I have all the plants Byron mentioned in my tanks, except the water lettuce (can't import it into my state). The water sprite grows and replicates very fast, tolerates a variety of light conditions pretty well (prefers moderate-high levels) and looks very good planted in a dark substrate. I don't love the way it looks floating, but the root system is nice and dense for fry.

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