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MegK 09-20-2007 08:32 PM

stupid question
ive never done this before when cycling, so i dont kno how exactly. and this might seem like a stupid question but its good to kno

when ur taking a mature media into a cycling tank, do u put it in the filter, or can u release the bacteria into the tank water?

Jpet 09-20-2007 08:42 PM

What kind of mature media are you using?

MegK 09-20-2007 08:43 PM

im not im just asking for future purposes

Jpet 09-20-2007 09:06 PM

This is what I did, and it seemed to work.

1. Used mature substrate from cycled tank.

2. Wrung out filter pad from mature tank into bio-wheel of new filter every day for two weeks.

This cycled my 29 gallon in a just under three weeks. I had two fish in there and never had any ammonia or nitrite spikes a partial water change didn't handle.

Gump 09-20-2007 11:09 PM

3 weeks is a pretty long time..

If you have media from an operational tank take half of it and add it to the new tank and take half of the new media and add it to the old tank. Or id you dont have a filter that you can split up the media and you know your setting up a new tank put the filter on your old tank for a few days-week and it will collect bacteria.

Jpet 09-21-2007 12:55 AM

Darn and I thought I was on to something :doh!:

JouteiMike 09-21-2007 03:20 AM

Either way, but preferably I would add it to the filter.

MegK 09-21-2007 05:50 AM

hm putting the filter on the older tank is a good idea, for how long tho?

JouteiMike 09-21-2007 11:15 AM

What kind of filter are you using on your tank? And how do you have it set up?

There's many options of where to put the mature media. You could purchase filter media bags and if the chamber is big enough inside the filter, you can put it directly in there. If there's no room inside the filter, again, you can place it inside a filter bag (or even a cut up panty-hose) and have it dangle in front of the filter's waterfall, or anywhere in the tank really, as long as there is adequate water movement.

Another thing you can do is get rocks and decorations from an established tank and place them in yours - they are all home to bacteria colonies; even a hand-full of gravel dropped on your gravel bed.

You do have a liquid test kit, right? That is an important tool used when cycling a tank. Basically, after you place mature media in your tank or filter, you want to test the water at least a couple times a week to see where you are at. You're familiar with the nitrogen cycle right? In the end you want to have no trace of ammonia or nitrites, and a trifle amount of Nitrates, like under 30ppm. When removing the media I'd remove it slowly - don't just suddenly take it all out after the cycle, that could restart the whole cycling process and lead to problems if you have fish. You want to give it some time, even after the test results say you're cycled - that way it gives your tank and filter time to develop their own bacteria colonies on top of the ones added by you.

Sorry for the long post...kind of went on and on...
Hope this helps a little.

MegK 09-21-2007 03:48 PM

i got a new filter for one of my bigger tanks thats an ehiem liberty 200 and the tank has been well established. but i was wondering cuz im redoing 2 tanks and i just wanted to kno how to use the media thing

ur post was very helpful and yes i kno the nitrogen cycle, memorized form grade 10 science lol. and i have a test kit. so no worrys :)

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