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29Kilo29 10-16-2011 01:51 PM


when I was feeding the fish, which even the most shy fish come out for, I realized I couldn't find one of my yellow lab cichlids. I searched in all the obvious hiding spots but still couldn't see him.

I started to assume he was dead, so I got the fish net and looked all over the tank, lifting up rocks, plants, ect. Still nothing. I looked around the tank, as there is a small opening in the lid near the filter that he possibly could have jumped out of, but still nothing (I think there also would have been a smell if there was a dead fish out of the tank (?)). There's no chance that he was sucked into the filter.

I think the only thing that is possible now is that the other fish ate him, but the only other fish in the tank are the same size or smaller. I found something odd floating in the tank, that was just about 1 cm long (almost half an inch), black and curled up and I'm not sure whether it is relevant or not. It doesn't look like a spine or anything but im not 100% sure. I will get a picture asap.

Anyone have any advice? Thanks.

Edit- Sorry about the title, I was typing "Yellow Lab is MIA in aquarium" and pressed enter by accident. If a mod or someone can change it that would be helpful, thanks.

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