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BurningCuriosity 09-20-2007 11:42 AM

Starting a new 10gal. tank, need some advice
I read through a lot of the posts, and nothing really seemed to help me out, so I'm posting my own.

I have a 10 gallon tank, with nothing in it yet because I'm not well informed enough. It used to be a fresh water tank, so I still have the Whisper 20 filter. Can I even use that for a saltwater tank?

Also, I've been looking around at fish and it really doesn't seem like there are a lot/any that will actually stay small enough to be comfortable in a 10 gallon tank. Along with fish, I wanted to get cleaners, like snails and shrimp(?)(the mini lobster-looking things?) And some corals too, but I really don't know anything about saltwater tanks.

Anyone have any good starting advice for me?

Please help!


Fat_Fender_40 09-21-2007 09:14 PM

Get this book here.

If you want corals, you will need some good lighting, but this book can tell you how to set up tanks as little as 3 gallons I believe.[/img]

planderos 09-22-2007 12:10 AM

I have a 46 gallon. You really need to study and read up on it because it can get expensive fast (I learned the hard way). You may want to get a bigger tank if you want to put in some of the pretty fishes (tangs, etc). Make sure when you set it up let it run for one to two months. You need to develop the bacteria. There's a lot you have to consider but cost is probably the most important. Although you don't have to invest much in it (if you do it rights) you might need a lot of $ to get started. Maybe start with a nano. those are fairly simple and don't require you to buy everything seperated. THey also come in 24 gallons which is nice for beginners. let me know how it works

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