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rhessling 10-15-2011 02:50 AM

what to do
ok, i have a 55 gallon full of live bearers; a trio of blue fire sword tails, lots of bleeding heart,orange hifin calico and red tail hi fin calico platies and a trio of gold dust lyertail sailfin mollies. what im need is advice in starting a breeding operation i have set up three 10 gallons a 29 and then the 55 all have been cyceled and are ready to go. i am in the process of cyceling a 10 ,five and then two 2.5 gallon tanks also for this purpose. Im wanting to breed one because i love these color of fish and also my pet store would like to sell some of them i also will get some store credit from another store to off set food cost of fish. i have oscars to feed the culled fish to so nothing will go to waste if some one could help me with ideas as to what would be the best way to split up the breeders or how to use the tanks i have i would greatly like it

rhessling 10-16-2011 04:58 AM

i was planning on useing the 2.5 s to hold one really gravid female in in each, like a tank net breeder or something along thows lines i was going to cycel wih one danio in each tank then keep that one danio in there permanetly as i was told going back and forth from fish to no fish is bad for the tank i could also leave a snail in there too as i breed snails. let me know if you have any pros or cons to this idea

k19smith 10-16-2011 07:36 PM

I would not go with the danio to cycle, I just keep extra sponge filters running in my 55g when I need them I just stick them in a tank. The 2.5 will be great for the preggo's after a while you will get good at it, I'm to the point I can tell within a few days then into a 1g to birth then I toss my females in a 10g to rest then back to the 55. Or you can selectively breed in either the 2.5 or 10g just not long term in the 2.5. I fill up my small tanks for the birth with java moss so the females can't eat them. Fry can go into a 10g with other fry within a few weeks of each other you just don't want the fry to be able to eat each other. Once you get really going your tanks will stay full so no worries on cycling.

rhessling 10-19-2011 08:21 PM

ok so this is my plan i have a trio of mollies in the 29 gallon three diffrent platies int each of the 10 gallons and a trio o swords in the 55 i plan on useing two 2.5 as birthing tanks a 5 gallon as a recovery/quartine tank then i have a 10 gallon to put fry in and then as they get bigger i will move them too the 55 to grow out
sound good any advice form any one im needing help on bottom feeders for the tanks ? snails,cories, something else. and plants im getting java moss and water sprite and have some hornwort floating in the 29 gallon.

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