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dormfish 10-15-2011 12:02 AM

Do You Ever Speak 'Baby Talk' to your Fish?
I'll admit it, I do use 'baby talk' when speaking to my fish. I can't help it; my platties are just so cute! ;-)
Anyone else do this with their fish, or am I just crazy? :P

Groovysunflowers 10-15-2011 12:36 AM

Not baby talk per se, but I look at the tank enough times of the day to just talk to them in general. I have two older Dalmation Mollies that follow my finger around the tank glass, so today I caught myself doing the kissy face at one of them while it was staring at me...I'd probably gotten some weird looks if anyone had been around XD

dramaqueen 10-15-2011 11:09 AM

I always talk to my fish. lol

chevysoldier 10-15-2011 03:40 PM

I talk to them a little bit but I don't even talk "baby talk" to babies. Think that is why my 4 year olds vocabulary is so good. Lol

Zorse 10-18-2011 02:25 AM

I talk to my fish too LOL I was beginning to think I was the only one until I saw this thread. No baby talk for me though.

1077 10-18-2011 05:01 AM

Most of the vocabulary I direct towards fishes in my care is not widely accepted on a family forum.
I curse at fishes such as Emperor tetra's that pull on the hairs of my arms while I am working in the tank, or.. I curse at fishes such as Green Terror, that can deliver painful bite, and enjoy's displacing a gallon or two of water whenever he is bored .:evil:
I also curse at pleco's in driftwood tank that refuse to let go of the wood when I remove all of it for gravel vaccuming, and force me to manually remove them with very real chance of painful prick from their spines/pectoral fins.
But I love all of them, and the tanks bring me Loooong moment's of serenity.

aunt kymmie 10-18-2011 10:23 AM


Originally Posted by 1077 (Post 865870)
Most of the vocabulary I direct towards fishes in my care is not widely accepted on a family forum.

Same here! I have a few choice words for my Blue Diamond when he decides to go into bully mode with his tankmates.
I had a nice long cursing rant when my Pictus got stuck in the overflow chamber and I had to scoop him out with my bare hands as no net was small enough to fit in there.
Had another nice word when I had to scoop up a loach off of the floor after he had somehow escaped from a covered tank. Loaches have spines located just under their eyes that they will extend when threatened. The *insert curse word here* spiked me while I was trying to get him back in the tank. No good deed goes unpunished, lol.

iamgray 10-18-2011 11:11 AM

Hahaha yeah I'm in the same "swearing at my fish" boat as so many others. I mostly direct my words to the mollies, who are the most annoying nibblers when my hands/arms are in the tank.

Boredomb 10-18-2011 11:17 AM

LoL Aunt Kymmie and 1077 y'all crack me up! I generally don't talk to my fish except when I am cursing at them for one reason or other. Usually when I have to net one and have to tear down the tank just to do so.

aunt kymmie 10-18-2011 11:23 AM

I think we should add a poll to this thread.
Do you:
1. Talk baby talk to your fish
2. Curse @ your fish?
3. Give them the silent treatment

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