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DJMonty 10-14-2011 04:38 PM

Rehomed most of my fish, now for stocking plans.
Hello, everyone.

I've recently rehomed my fish, as I had lots of aggression and unsuitable species combined. Now I only have 10 Kuhlii Loaches, what would you suggest I stock? My tank is a 50 Gallon, and only contains 10 Kuhlii Loaches.

gorangers0525 10-14-2011 08:00 PM

I personally think blue rams are one of the nicest looking fish for a community tank. They're very peaceful, especially for cichlids and look awesome. I'd pick up a male and female for your tank.

Jbrofish8 10-15-2011 08:10 AM

What are your pH and hardness?

This will help us suggest some fish for you. :)

I personally love a nice shoal of fish. Tetra/rasbora/barbs/cory's. I think they look really nice in a large tank.

In my 29g I have 12 rummynose tetra, and they shoal tightly and look amazing. I love these little fish.

But post your ph and gh/kh first so we can go from there. :)

DJMonty 10-15-2011 10:15 AM

I'm not sure of the gh/kh or the carbonate hardness, but the pH is generally around 6.4.

Byron 10-16-2011 12:08 PM

You can ascertain the hardness from your water supply people. It is likely to be on the soft side with a pH of 6.4 [I'm assuming this is the tap water pH].

Provided the hardness is soft, you are admirably suited to most soft water fish. Avoid livebearers which must have medium hard or harder water and basic (above 7) pH.

In our profiles [second tab from the left in the blue bar across the top of the page] the water parameters for each species is included. Have a browse of the characins, cyprinids, catfish.

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