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ramon82 10-14-2011 07:23 AM

Combining a peaceful community
Combining a peaceful community

Hi all

Until a few weeks ago I had a 197ltr aquarium with different species however at one point they started to attack eachother and most of them got eaten. These are the species:

Prey - the ones that perished:
guppys, neons, koi swordtails,lemon tetras.

Predators - the ones that survived:
yoyo loach, 2x siamese algae eaters, 2x black tetras, 1 med-sized angelfish, black goldfish

The tank has some Cyrptocorine plants as well. Are there species which I could put with the rest ie: the predators?


ladayen 10-14-2011 02:51 PM

Get rid of the goldfish to start.. He shouldn't be in a tropical tank.

Are you certain those are Siamese Algae eater and not Chinese algae eater?

What are black tetra? Do you mean Black Widow Tetra?

SinCrisis 10-14-2011 03:51 PM

What Layden said, but also:

Yoyo Loach - Should be kept in a group 3-5 minimum as they are a social species, keeping them by themselves can cause stress and aggression.

SAE's - Assuming they are real SAE's, they eat mostly vegetable matter and should not ever attack other fish. They do move quick and can stress the slower species like the neon, but should not attack any fish unless starving. "Flying Fox's" on the other hand are known to be a little more aggressive and may nip at other fish. The "Chinese Algae Eater" is known to eat the slime coat off fish and cause the fish to die.

Angelfish - Also should be kept in groups of 4-5 unless in a mated pair. They should not be kept singly and may exhibit aggressive behavior when they are. They will also be stressed and may die early due to it.

Goldfish - Not a tropical fish.

Black Tetra - Like Layden said, no idea what this fish is, black widow/black skirt tetra perhaps? These are known to be aggressive when kept in groups of less than 5. They are one of the more well known aggressive tetras. They wont eat other fish unless the fish is already dead (nip at flesh), but will nip at live fish's fins aggressively, especially at fish like guppies

Seeing as how you listed quantities for the SAE and black tetras, I am assuming you only had 1 of each of the others. I think its likely that your fish died from stress and not predators seeing as how none of the other fish are true "predators."

If you can, give us tank temp, water parameters and population of each fish if they are not solo in the tank. We may be able to help you identify the real problem in the tank so you have have a healthy community aquarium.

leeteekyung 10-16-2011 10:35 PM

black goldfish will eats your plants and also ruins your water parameter. if u want something black, u can buy black mollies, they are mini sized that will makes your tank look bigger, they are peacefull fish, eats algae, and not demanding. note : black molly loves brackish water, but they are doing fine eats a lot and poops a lot in my freshwater aquarium.
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leeteekyung 10-16-2011 10:36 PM

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