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ang lou 10-13-2011 11:04 PM

are they sick?
I just got some new fish from a small petland my swordtail has a white area it looks like the scale has been injured or lifter up just the one scale on his left side im going to get a pictue up and the make dalmation molly spends alot of time just sitting by the heater he does move around sometimes and always moves to eat but maybe im just being paranoid but he looks skinny and hunchbacked to me...

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tf1265 10-14-2011 06:02 PM

The molly does look and sound like he is probably sick. If he's a new fish, this might not be your fault.

The swordtail looks like he did have a small wound that's gotten a bit infected.

I would add a bit of aquarium salt to your tank. It will help with the swordtail's infection, and it might perk up your molly. Mollies are technically brackish fish, and though the ones bred in captivity can usually tolerate fresh water well, they are still brackish fish. The aquarium salt will be good for him too. 2 tsp/gallon of water, and make sure you do frequent water changes to prevent further infection and replace the salt that's been removed after each water change.

ang lou 10-14-2011 06:53 PM

the molly died this morning... thats what i get for going agianst my better judgement and buying fish from a petland... the sword tail once we got really got close enough to the glass for me to look has a what looks like torn off scale or something prob from when the petland girl chased him around the tank for 15 mins. cause i know he didnt have it when i picked him. and on top of all that i have ich on the female sword tail that i got and as i dont have a quaretine tank yet its in my planted tank....
im fighting the risen temperture and salt way as its prob the one that is maybe almost not going to kill all my plants and is the least harmful to my corys

tf1265 10-14-2011 07:15 PM

Be REALLY careful using salt on cories. It's actually the worst method for them. They are sensitive to medication, but the salt is harder on them. Use a half dose maximum and watch them VERY carefully. The salt won't prevent ich or kill it, it only fights infection. If the cories aren't infected, the salt serves no purpose for them. The medication will work a bit more slowly at the half-dose necessary for cories, but it will work.

Just my 2 cents. I had a bad experience with ich and salt and cories, and my LFS expert told me the salt and heat treatment is just not worth it, the salt is hard on the fish and the heat is hard on the fish, versus just the medication being hard on the fish. 2 evils or 1 evil?

Sorry about the molly. They always look appalling at my chain pet store, part of my wants to rescue them but most of me knows they're beyond saving. It makes me feel horrible every time I have to look at them struggling because of improper care.

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