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woaussie 10-13-2011 10:56 PM

Nitrate Removal Filter ?
Has anyone used or is using the Aquaripure nitrate removal filter system on there aquarium? Looking at there video and any information I can find seems to say they work. Do they work as advertised? I understand everybodys aquarium and water are different. I usally have about 40ppm nitrates average in both my tanks. One is a 75 gallon and a 40 gallon. I have about 20ppm in my well water. I do not over feed and do water changes every week in both tanks along with vaccuming the substrate. When you start with nitrates it does not take long at all for them to increase.
Any information on this filter system is appreciated. I do not mind spending the money if it works as advertised. Thanks

Mikaila31 10-13-2011 11:49 PM

I wouldn't worry about the nitrate as long as it doesn't go much above 40ppm. Before I move I had a well that also gave out 20ppm of nitrates and my nitrates went to about 40 in some tanks too. I never had an issue with it. I can suggest trying plants, but it might not be very easy to make a difference on those larger tanks with low light plants.

woaussie 10-14-2011 11:09 AM

I agree that 20 to 40 is not at a critical stage Mikaila31. I am not a perfectionist but close to it.I try to have the best water conditions possible for my tanks and the fish. Even tho I do water changes every week when I add water with nitrates allready in it that increases the nitrates pretty fast. Thats why I was asking about the Aquaripure nitrate filter system if it does what is advertised. If it does I will buy one and install it on my 75 gallon tank. If it works I will get one for the 40 gallon tank. I appreciate your feed back. Thanks

Romad 10-14-2011 11:45 AM

There have been multiple discussions about this here on the forum and links from Aquaripure as well.

If you type Aquaripure in the search box at the top RH side of the forum home page, all of those links and discussions will come up for you.

Happy reading :)

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