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NewFishies 10-11-2011 11:35 PM

2 guppies pregnant
i have 2 pregnant guppies. one just had babies a week ago. but she still has her gravid spot and shes putting on weight so im assuming shes pregnant again. the other one hasnt had her babies yet and shes huge. her gravid spot changes from goldish to black..its really wierd. they are in a 10 gallon tank together right now. need to get a tank divider here soon but wondering does it mean shes close when her gravid spot changes color?

dormfish 10-12-2011 01:21 AM

The fun thing about the Big Four live-bearer breeds: Mollies, platties, guppies, and swordtails, is that when they mate, the sperm is delivered in 'packets' by the male. The 'packets' can be stored within the female for 6-9 months after the initial mating. Whenever the female is comfortable, she can decide to use one of the packets or not and get pregnant again.
As for the gravid spot, the spots is essentially the eyes of the fry developing within the mother. The spot will tend to get darker as the pregnancy progresses. Typical pregnancies last for about a month, but can be longer or shorter depending on water temp, stress, etc. Just be sure that the mothers don't get too stressed, otherwise they will miscarry the fry, and they will be re-absorbed into her body.

That's all I got for ya! I don't have any experience with guppies, only platies, so I can only give general livebearer information. :)

Good Luck!!

NewFishies 10-12-2011 05:45 PM

Thanks. were gonna put the other pregnant mother guppy in the other 10 gallon tank. we had to flush my male cobra guppy and my sucker fish. my suckerfish's tail was all shrivelded and clammped from the fungus and bacteria. and my male guppy was getting lots of silver spots from being stressed out over the fungus and being alone since they were quarantined in the tank with no other fish

dormfish 10-12-2011 08:13 PM

Oh, and another thing. Livebearers are notorious for eating their own fry. The fry will need to be separated, just be sure you know what you're going to do with them as they gt bigger.

NewFishies 10-18-2011 05:08 PM

Mama Guppy May have aborted???
one of my mama guppys has been pregnant for over a month. and her gravid spot has turned orange. does this mean she has aborted her babies? shes still huge and shes been poopin reddish poop. she eats fine and swims fine. the ph lvls and ammonia lvl are down. i dont have a nitrate kit yet. any ideas of what might be going on?
shes in a 10 gallon tank by herself with rocks, and 2 houses. tank temp is 78

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