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everyangelneedshorns 10-11-2011 01:07 PM

Should he stay or should he go???
I'm trying to figure out if my new molly fish are doing ok. I recently bought 3 mollys and one of them seem to be picking on the other 2 all the time! After looking up some info on here about them I have figured out that it is a male and I'm just wondering if he is stressing my two females out? or are they just doing the love dance? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

everyangelneedshorns 10-11-2011 01:40 PM

Please help my molly!!
Please watch this video and let me know if this looks like a mating dance or him just being a bully! Thanks! lil twin community - 55 gallon Freshwater fish tank

Byron 10-11-2011 02:41 PM

That is normal behaviour. I can't see clear enough to tell the sex of the fish, but from the behaviour of the "aggressor" I'm certain it is a male. The other two are likely females.

Some floating plants like Water Sprite would help, and it breaks up the space a bit.

tf1265 10-11-2011 04:06 PM

If you have the space, a 3rd female molly will help even out the aggression so he isn't picking any one 1 too much. With livebearing fish, it can be important to know the gender before buying so you can get appropriate ratios or all females. You got lucky - 1 male:2females isn't too bad! THe other way could have been really stressful!

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