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mibi_fibi 09-16-2007 09:24 AM

Heater problem (?)
I have a 6g Eclipse tank and now that the house temperature is falling, I'll need a heater to maintain the water temp.
I bought a 25W visi-therm stealth heater for it. I was concerned the 50W would be too much, and run the risk of cooking fish if it failed on.
I installed it about an inch away from the filter inlet tube, towards the centre of the tank for best heat distribution. Strange thing is, when the heater switches on, everything is fine, but when it switches off, the filter pump goes into some kind of resonance buzzing. It lasts for about 3 min. and then dies off. I moved the heater a couple of inches further away from the pump and the problem went away. Trying to figure out if the unit is faulty, or if anyone else had seem similar electrical interference issues with heaters. Another option is to try the visi-therm deluxe, but it's rather funky looking, and I prefer the stealth's looks.
My other question is whether or not the 25W will suffice. Typically in winter my house is 66-69, and I'd like the tank to be 79ish.

Falina 09-16-2007 10:38 AM

I think the 25W will be suffucient. The 50W wouldn't cook your fish however so you could get it if you were worried. The way heaters work is that they turn on when the temp gets too low and off again when it reaches the desired temp. This means that there's always slight overshooting and undershooting but it's small enough not to be a problem for the fish. The 50W would simply come on for a shoter period of time as it would heat the tank up quicker.

As for the buzzing of the filter, that is strange and I can't think why that would be. If moving it away a bit resolves the issue then you're probably alright but I wouldn't like to say for sure.

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