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wesminsmith 09-15-2007 06:09 AM

CO2 for fish only FW tank?
Is there any benefit to adding a DIY CO2 generator to a fish only tank? I found a cool DIY and want to try it out but will it hurt my fish? Thanks!


caferacermike 09-15-2007 08:55 AM

It can cause your PH to go screwy if there are no plants there to use it. Will generally drop your PH to low levels. You will displace the available space for O2. O2 is always important as fish require it for the most part. It can lead to an algae bloom if there are no plants to use this "fertilizer".

mgamer20o0 09-15-2007 02:24 PM

its very very hard to get to a point where the co2 is pushing the o2 out of the water in diy co2 in a planted tank. i would also guess its hard to do it in a non planted tank. if you have a hob on the tank you prob cant get that much co2 into the water. co2 doesnt effect the fish.

but...... there is no point in doing a diy co2 in a tank with no plants. why waste your time. get some low light plant then think about some diy co2.

fish_4_all 09-15-2007 02:32 PM

depeding on the fish and what your current pH is there is a descent chance that you could really mess up your fish, especially if your GH is low. I have seen CO2 injection take a pH from 7.4 down to 5.8 and lower depending on conditions.

Oh and I don't know if the O2 is displaced by CO2 but I have seen and heard of many disaters that happen overnight with fish gasping at the surface while running airstone after starting up CO2 injection.

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