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KendraMc 10-04-2011 10:47 AM

question on light
i have a marineland F18T8 natural daylight bulb for my 29 gal tank. i can't find the specs for this bulb, but i did submit the question to Marineland, so hopefully i will find out soon (unless someone on here knows, which might be quicker). is this bulb running for 9 or 10 hours a day going to be enough light for java fern, wisteria, and water sprite? or do i need to upgrade it?

i just bought a timer, so it will be on a constant amount each day. at this point, algae has not been a problem (hours were not as regular before) and hopefully my pleco and water changes will help keep it under control. obviously, it is becomes a problem i will adjust the time the light is on.


Byron 10-04-2011 12:02 PM

I have a 29g (30-inch length) tank with a single T8 tube, it is 24 inches (the tube). Assuming this is what you have, the Marineland will be sufficient for low and moderate light plants. I believe I have researched this tube previously, and can't recall any problems, so as far as spectrum it should be OK. The intensity (with this or any similar tube in this fixture) is the only limiting factor.

Most aquarium plants will manage with moderate light. However, stem plants are generally fast growing and thus need more light (and nutrients in balance). Wisteria is one I cannot grow in any of my tanks, due to the light intensity being insufficient; it does fine for a couple months, then slowly starts to degenerate by having the lower leaves fall off until there is nothing but bare stems with some sickly-looking leaves at the top. You might have problems with this. A better stem plant is Brazilian Pennywort, it does fine in moderate light. Sword plants do well too. And of course crypts.

The Anubias and Java Fern will be fine; the Anubias does not appreciate direct lighting, and in too much light it will become a host for brush algae. Keep it somewhat shaded, such as under a floating plant.


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