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Marieelaine 09-14-2007 08:21 AM

My FW layed eggs
Hello people,

I have 2 female flower horns, at least I taught I had 2 females because both of them have no frontal humps, but I woke up this moring and with a major surprise... they deceided to redecorate their tank but a massiv vamp lol.. have a look on what they done during the night

Now I made some research about female FH breeding, and I saw I hope I am right on this, but you'll see on one of the female (the biggest one) she has her thing out (bare me im french no idea how thios is named in english) So yea in the book it means she is going to lay eggs is that correct?

So yea can anyone tell me exactly what they are up to and what am I supposed to expect out of this... I mean they are both females right??

more pictures...

UPDATE : this morning I have a bunch of eggs layed on the buttom where they digged, they are brown does it means they are good eggs are bad eggs?

So now I would like to know for the eggs someone told me if they become white with a tiny black dot it means they are fertilised, otherwise they are not, SO i would like to know how long I have to wait to see the eggs evolution and how long i wait until removing them if I have to.

Lupin 09-14-2007 09:34 AM

Welcome to, Marie.:wave:

I'd expect the white eggs as the ones that are infertile.


Originally Posted by Marineelaine
she has her thing out (bare me im french no idea how thios is named in english)

I believe you're referring to the ovipositors popping out of their vent during spawning season.

Is there a way to obtain pictures of the FH's vents? Females should have their vent rounder on the tip and positioned backward while the males have pointed tip and the vent is positioned forward.

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