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Shadris 10-03-2011 09:09 AM

Ideas for Avoiding Quarantine Tanks?
I have a question, though I suspect I'll probably get the same answer I used to give others. Mainly, about setting up quarantine tanks.

When I kept bettas (used to breed/keep them for competition), apart from the 50+ betta containers, I had several tanks, ranging from 2g to 55g. Specifically, a total of..well, a lot of tanks. Now, I didn't keep the bettas in those, but several groups of other tropicals for fun. Basically, I had a lot of gallons floating around, so making one of those a quarantine tank, really wasn't a whole lot of a stress to me. Having moved and married, I now only keep 1x55g tank. Recently had a massive tank crash, and basically I'm working on getting rid of the pathogens (hardy har) that caused the problem to begin with. This is a fully planted tank, clay sub, gravel layer, freshwater, big old whisper 500, all parameters within safe range although a weird very hard/but very acidic reading (if we need levels I can provide). Wasn't a big deal when I first stocked it, since all the fish came from the same place and I figured if they're ill, they'll all get it. Well, they didn't ALL get it. Now I'm finding myself unsure of how to restock my losses. Most of my fish survived the nasty case of ick and whatever the heck else was going on, but I do have room for at least a pleco which I'd like (yes, a dwarf please). I'm sporting 3 cories, 1 angel, 8 tetra (neon), 3 black tetra. I know sometimes Angels like to supplement their diet with neon fins. Not happened here. This angel mostly likes to nibble on me at feeding time. Realistically speaking, setting up a QT is a flippin' nightmare I can't possibly justify to a husband unfamiliar with this sort of thing. I'm a casual fishtank keeper now that just happens to know more than I should about fishkeeping. Here's a stab then. Shoiuld I Just "take a chance" on another possible crash because I want to add one fish? (pleco)

Any suggestions are appreciated (apart from setting up a QT for just adding one fish). *sigh*

aunt kymmie 10-03-2011 09:25 AM

Welcome to TFK, Sharis. Glad to have you join us. I can understand about living with a husband that doesn't understand a QT. (Luckily for me after three years of fishkeeping he now totally "gets it")
I'm not sure how great (or how many) of any LFS you have around where you live but is it possible to forge a relationship with an employee of one of them where you could purchase the small pleco and they hang on to it for a few weeks? My "best" LFS keeps all their tanks of a general grid filtration system, each tank has their own filtration system. When I purchased my discus they "held" them for me for a few weeks, basically doing my QT for me.
This is the only thing that comes to mind that might work as far as hubby is getting a 10 or 20g off of craigslist for cheap and setting it up as a QT. I got my 20g for $20 and it included everything. IF the cost is dirt cheap and you are very persuasive you might be able to pull it off.

DKRST 10-03-2011 10:27 AM

Yep, been there with a 55g, and spent a bunch on fish meds.

I'd recommend a 10 gallon tank from Petco during their (pretty frequent) $1.00/gallon tank sales with a small air pump and a sponge filter. It's saved me at least enough in medication dosing to pay for itself several times over! If you want a lighted top for the 10g, that adds as much cost as all the other stuff combined! Having said that, I like having my QT tank for my extra plant trimmings!

Shadris 10-03-2011 11:06 AM

I do honestly know I need one. A QT, I mean. I just keep hoping new technology has come up with space saving options, but obviously that's a way off yet. Like, I dunno, something you can hang on the back that's not visible, has its own supply of water, occasionally automatically feeds in YOUR water chemistry into it, doesn't cost any extra in electricity or water, doesn't interfere with or suck up existing parameters and doesn't cost any money at all to set up. Yeah, I am kidding. But dang, where's that inventor already?! :-) I guess I'd better make the husband lots of cookies and cake and candle light dinners since I will have to broach that subject soon. He loves the 55g, so at least there's that. Well, he loved it til he had to help me do water changes 2x per week. The nasty smell of sulfur got to his delicate don't-like-stink nose. lol.

Insofar as LFS...don't get me started. Apparently Cleveland hasn't heard about good suppliers, and I've been to more than I care to talk about in my search. I've had to order via mail from an old source just to get moderately healthy stock. *growl*

See? I know more than I should about this, and that gets me in trouble.

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