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JimBinSC 09-30-2011 10:24 PM

Considering a 70 gallon Cichild tank. How to stock it?
I have a 70 gallon tank in storage right now that as soon as I find a spot for it I setting it up. My wife mentioned a reef tank but that is a mammoth undertaking that I don't want right now.
The tank housed two Oscars when my father in law had it but I don't want a fish that I can only have one of in a tank that large.
So I would like advice on which fish to keep and how many and which ones can I mix? I read the profiles on alot of cichlids here and other websites so now I need to know from others' experience on what works please. It seems like some people like Firemouths.
One site said to dump alot (too many) of cichilds in the tank so none can establish a territory so there's less fighting..I don't know if that sounds right or natural.
Anyhow, the tank is a 70 gallon, and was filtered by a Penguin Biowheel 330. I plan on using what was given to me to reduce expenses.
Thanks for all your help.

k19smith 09-30-2011 11:07 PM

I recommend finding one your really like then looking for tank mates. It's gonna depend on what you want really fast and active, really colorful, calm and big, etc. Do you ave a specific color you want. I'm not really into any of the central or south american cichlids but that's just me, I love lake malawi species.

Than you need to consider do you have a store to get these fish from or are you going to have to order them online. I do not have any good stores around here so I order a lot. If you have a good store go wander around and write down names of fish you like then google them or post here.

The just dump a lot of random cihlids does not work. Sooner or later somebody will grow up and kill it's buddies, it may take a month in may take 3 yrs.

Cichlids are fun but find what you want at the end of the day your the one enjoying it. There are lots of cichlids to look threw.

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