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Fedfireman 09-30-2011 09:46 PM

Sealed and pressurized sump???

I'll start by Telling you my Goals.

I would like to add a sump for increased water volume and ease of water changes only, I do not intend to use it for filtration or a refugium of any sort.

My idea is this, I would like to get 2 10g liquid containers that can be pressurized (nothing high just enough to complete a full circuit from main tank to containers and back with 1 pump). I would pump water into the containers from the main tank and the resulting pressure when they fill completely would then force it back into my main tank. I would install quick disconnects or ball valves and normal fittings for the in&out lines that I could disconnect and then carry the containers to the sink for changing.

Filtration will be handled by a new API nexx canister filter and my existing bubble filter.

Has anyone ever tried this? Does anyone see any problems with the idea? It will basically work exactly like the Nexx does minus the filtration.

AbbeysDad 10-01-2011 09:01 AM

1) putting a pump on the inlet side of your bins will require a more powerful pump and will create more pressure within the vessels making them much more difficult to seal. This is why canisters typically use siphoning on the inlet side and the pump is on the outlet side.
If your 'invention' leaks, you'll empty your tank on the floor.

2) 10 gallons of water is going to weigh 83.4 lbs. That's a bit heavy and awkward to pick up and move back and forth to a sink.

If your interest is water changes only, another option may be better ?
I use a regular garden hose to (gravel) siphon (gravel siphon hose simply inserted into the garden hose) water out to the front yard (but could otherwise be routed to a drain). For the refill, I purchased a hose adapter for my lavatory sink and indexed the faucets for the proper temperature delivery.
Many others use Aqueon or Python hose/adapters for this purpose.

Fedfireman 10-01-2011 12:21 PM

That is a very good point on the leaking part, I suppose I will have to pay extra close attention to that.

The 83lb thing isn't too big of an issue for me as I'm quite used to carrying heavy things, plus I have a 10g fuel can I use quite often (yes fuel is lighter than water I know)

I have a python siphon but I don't really like it.
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Fedfireman 10-02-2011 10:09 AM

Does anyone know of any containers that would work well for this?

Think putting a smaller centrifugal pump on the return side would eliminate over pressure and possibly minimize leak risk?

I really don't want to drill my tank or build an overflow weir.
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