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crs1945 09-27-2011 02:08 PM

Cannot kill the nitrites!!!!
Ok here I go again. Been cycling a 5.5gal Marineland tank now for 36 days. Has no fish ( fishless cycle ), temp 78 degrees, pH7.8,using 10% pure ammonia, etc.My nitrites have stayed at 1-2ppm since day 27. NH3 has always gone to 0 after dosing, nitrates have gone up and gone down like a roller coaster.So I'm impatient and decide to do a water change and get some fish ( I know, I know ). I do a 40% water change and test for nitrtes - 1-2ppm, hmmmm! Do another change 40% and retest nitrites - 1-2 ppm ( double hmmmm ), do a third change 60% and re-test nitrites - 1ppm (triple hmmm)!! Where the hell are the trites coming from? With all that water being changed I expected a bigger drop in the nitrites then I'm seeing. H---- I have replaced the entire vol. of water. What's going on. When I test the well water it shows 0ppm. Any help would be appreciated.There are also three live plants in the tank as well as a piece of driftwood and two fake plants.:BIGvault:

KendraMc 09-27-2011 03:33 PM

have you tested your tap water? i know that ammonia can come from there sometimes, though i don't know about nitrites. unfortunately, that is all that i can come up with at the moment. hopefully someone else will be more helpful :/

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